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Offering you spacious

vehicles for your loved one’s needs.

When traveling with our loved ones, we always make sure that each of them is comfortable and relaxed throughout the ride. Especially for our family members in wheelchairs, we want to ascertain that their comfort is never compromised. However, the problem with family vehicles is that it has little space for some mobility equipment, including the passengers, which can affect the relaxation and space for our loved ones.

That is why SC Medical Transport offers you an affordable and easy way to maintain the joy and comfort of getting to your destination! Ensure a fun-filled ride with your family with the aid of our spacious vehicles that are meant for wheelchair transporting. Seats are available for everyone, and we can assure you that there will still be extra space afterward. There is also no need to worry about moving your loved one since we have professional drivers who can assist them in getting on and off the vehicle.

Are you interested in our wheelchair transport service? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us so that you will be educated on how to avail of our services. We will also give you a FREE estimate upon request.

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