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We can be

your partner in health, too!

As we age, we experience various health conditions that need maintenance and special care. That is why, with the assistance of our doctors, we get to have proper prescriptions that will help in maintaining our health and preventing further risks. However, we can never guarantee that we will have an unlimited supply of these medications. This is where the help of our pharmacists come in: they give us the right medicines and further instructions on how to properly store and take them.

But what if you live far away from the pharmacy, and their delivery services don’t reach your area? What if your loved ones cannot do the job of getting your prescription refilled? How will you take your medicines on time?

SC Medical Transport is your answer to this problem. We provide transportation services that will get you to your destination, including the pharmacy! Like you, we also value your wellness, that is why we offer safe and efficient NEMT services that will guarantee you a great ride. Never miss a chance to refill your medicines again with our help. For further assistance on how to acquire our service, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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